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I am a salesman

Roger-with-umbrella I love being a salesman.

Since I was little fella I was destined for a life in sales. I love making deals, and I love seeing people acquire the things that they had no idea they were even going to be buying.

Nothing makes my heart go pitter patter any more than a potential customer uttering those famous last words “thank you, but we’re just looking”. Did somebody just call my name?

My site is here so that you can find me. Do you need the worlds greatest salesman working for you? Does your staff need to be motivated? Or do you just want to learn more about sales than you thought could possibly exist? No matter. I am for hire!

Currently I am training two guys that will be selling roofing related stuff for a company in Louisville KY. I spent several years as a storm chaser selling roof’s to communities around the US that had been hit by large hails storms. Hail does a lot of damage and when a big storm would hit, within 24 hours I would be in that city with my team helping the community recover. I met the good folks at a few years back and now that I’m back in town it’s only natural that they hire me to train their two new guys.…